First Time Homebuyer Quick Feng Shui

If you’re like most first time homebuyers, you’re dealing with the lower end of the real estate market and you’re frustrated because you’re spending a fortune on something that you don’t really want or that isn’t ideal. My free miniseries, First Time Homebuyer Quick Feng Shui, will eliminate frustration, teaching you how to make a basic, quick and accurate feng shui analysis so you can learn which houses you should avoid and which are manageable, fixable, decent or good.

“Eileen pretty much saved me from buying two terrible properties out of convenience and romance.  Working with her changed how I look at houses and gave me tools to choose a better house.”—Wendy


Personally, I bought my first home out of romance and aesthetics only to be baffled by the ripple effect of how my life changed after I moved in. Like other people, I wondered: “Is it me or this house?” and started to research feng shui and the affects of person/ place. When I began to understand the feng shui of MY house, I was shocked to find out that everything I had experienced: money problems, relationship problems, health issues, was a reflection of the feng shui present as it related to ME. I created the First Time Homebuyer Quick Feng Shui miniseries because buying a home is more than a chance to grow your assets by investing in real estate. It’s a chance to improve all aspects of your life– To enhance what’s already working and to fix the things that need improvement.


I know you don’t want to be living in your first home seven years from now and First Time Homebuyer Quick Feng Shui will help you choose a better house so you can benefit from feng shui to experience greater prosperity.