Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Feng shui means your environment. The purpose of “doing” feng shui is to enhance the capacity of a place through harnessing unseen vital energy called “Qi” and balancing the yin and yang. The result is an improved exchange between you and your environment so your objectives can be met– whether they are to live better, feel happier, be more relaxed, find love, make more money or be more successful.



“I wanted you to know that last night was the first night I actually had a good night sleep in over two months! I’m loving the room and it feels super cozy and healing, which is what I need now. The feng shui is working!”— Tara




Kennedy Feng ShuiMy Process:
My strategy is simple and direct. Through an initial conversation, specific inquiries or objectives are expressed. For personalized feng shui recommendations, your BaZi chart is read using Classical and Modern methods. It’s brought into the assessment and feng shui recommendations are made. Classical and modern feng shui based upon geography, neighborhood, timing, design alteration and interior design is part of a Kennedy Feng Shui assessment.


I offer three levels of feng shui service:

Quick Commercial and Residential Walk Through: A one hour dynamic in-person consultation. Great for business owners whose need to improve appeal and impact on a shoestring. Best choice for homeowners/renters who need inexpensive and effective suggestions to enhance the feel and look of your home. $140

“A one hour consultation with Eileen changed the way we use our house. Through color, my kitchen was transformed from a transitional area to a place where everyone wants to be; now we sit around the kitchen table with friends and chat for hours. We changed the location of my husband’s home office, by switching it with the laundry room and we put up a wall to create an entryway, a foyer. Since the improvements, I love my house and I feel complete and comfortable in it, which is exactly how a home should be.”– Lisa

Personalized Feng Shui: Includes an in-depth BaZi Reading and a one hour in-person feng shui consultation plus twenty minute follow up call that will dramatically shift your life for the better. Indoor environmental assessments such as layout, flow, materials, directionology, color and more.

One chart and one hour site visit: $298

Two Charts and a one hour site visit: $496

In-Depth Feng Shui & Design Services: In-Depth Classical and Modern feng shui alongside newer design philosophies dovetail together and provide the opportunity to enhance your life at a higher level. Prices start at $600–$900 depending on the size of the project.

“Our business improved immediately after implementing Eileen’s Design Strategy. Merchandise that just sat before is now being noticed. The look, layout and feel of my store now reflects and supports the products I sell and I enjoy my time spent there. ”
–Judi, Judi’s of Nevada City