BaZi Reading

Chinese Astrology/ BaZi

Eileen KennedyA BaZi Reading provides life altering personal insight and indicates feng shui agreement, weaving together you and your environment. Readings are delivered over the phone or computer and include a .mp3 recording.


A BaZi Reading gives you all sorts of tools to help with any decision or manifest any desire. Visualizations, metaphor, behavioral suggestions, talismans, colors and feng shui recommendations help you tap into optimal energy right away.



“Eileen’s BaZi consultation is a mesmerizing combination of her deep knowledge of the ancient Chinese science and her artistic interpretation. She sheds light on both personal and professional matters with wisdom and compassion. I came away with a better understanding of my gifts and how to cultivate them further. I only wish that I had consulted with her sooner. Highly recommended!”—Annie



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Want to give a reading as a gift? Gift cards are available.


“Eileen, The BaZi Reading was quite influential, kinda stunned how it’s shifted my relationship with my business. I have booked more clients this year already than all of last year!”– Susan


Relationship Compatibility


See more deeply your intimate dynamics to enhance and expand your connection and relationship possibilities. Available on request are auspicious dates for weddings and family planning.

Two Charts: $330


I recently had my first BaZi reading with Eileen Kennedy. It was rather fascinating and profound to learn about oneself presented conceptually as natural elements. I found my session deeply revealing of why I do what I do, what I can cultivate to do what I do better, and finally where I need to be to do what I do best. This knowledge along with the help of various visualizations has proven immensely invaluable. And though I have heard much of this from those closest to me, sometimes you need to hear it from an outsider or an Ancient Chinese form of fortune telling for it to really sink in. Eileen is great, you should give her a call.—Jesse


BaZi helps you feel more connected to life.


I value my clients with honesty and integrity and keep your best interests at heart and my core values are passion, respect and openness. I respect privacy and never share your personal information with anyone.