About Eileen

About Eileen Kennedy

Eileen has been a designer for more than 20 years and has studied Classical Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology with the Mastery Academy and Dr. Paul Yan.  Her design work has been featured in numerous National and International publications and she is an expert in furniture design and furniture making. Passion for life and the experiential aspect of Architecture and Design led Eileen to feng shui because it’s multi dimensional— it can help you live dynamically more quickly.


Her clients are primarily: home-buyers, home owners, business owners, renters, renovators. But some clients are world travelers and use BaZi for insight into themselves, destination points based upon their personal feng shui and a desire for greater affiliation with life. Some clients are sick, dealing with fatigue, burnout, stress, indecision, spinning their wheels. Her in-depth BaZi reading indicates a secret key for insight into one’s self, becoming unstuck and opens up new ideas and pathways via actions, visualizations and feng shui.


Eileen KennedyWhen not reading BaZi and helping people with feng shui and design, Eileen loves to make things, whether it’s in the kitchen or in the studio, cooking, felting, sewing, playing and making ideas come to life, hands always busy with some sort of alchemical process.  She enjoys spending time with friends, family, being in nature, trail running and lives in Nevada City, California.

Eileen Kennedy

Eileen says: “What started as a curiosity, turned into a love affair, when I began to see the symmetry between a BaZi chart and the character of a person. After my first BaZi reading, I made some major life decisions including changing a long term relationship, choosing work over a masters degree and continuing to live in a rural community as opposed to a metropolitan area. Twenty years in art & design has been a jet pack for reading a BaZi chart– where understanding composition and visual expression is the core. Nature has always been close to my heart and my love of people it brings me close to this system.”


“Eileen’s background in design, art, & architecture enables her to bring a uniquely valuable perspective to the art of Feng Shui. The combination of her expertise, creativity and enthusiasm inspired me to make long-needed changes. I appreciated the skillful way in which she highlighted the strengths of my place while making simple actionable suggestions for improvements in key areas based on my goals.” –Joyce