Feng Shui: The Oldest Design System on the Planet

k_m-architektur-wohnhaus-schaan-designboom-05For more than six thousand years, millions around the world have benefited dramatically. Feng Shui is a personal awakening that creates balance in your life. Giving you a deep understanding of your condition and clear definition of what you can do to make positive changes – from sleeping better to better health, and living happier, more prosperous lives.



Kennedy Feng Shui: Solving Two Major Problems

Bringing a feng shui coach into your home or office can be expensive. I’ve solved that with an online webinar/phone and video conferencing curriculum and coaching at a great price. Instead of someone coming in, telling you what to do and then disappearing, I’ll teach you; empowering you with knowledge that will benefit you every day for the rest of your life.


A Personalized BaZi Reading Reveals Your Condition

BaZi is an ancient Chinese astrological system. Your comprehensive reading provides life-altering personal insight into the deepest parts of you. Ridding yourself of limiting beliefs, breaking-through and overcoming challenges, ending bad habits and creating healthier ones. Because with a greater understanding of yourself, everything you dream is possible.




philippe-starck-riko-p.a.t.h.-prefab-house-designboom-02Then Feng Shui is Your Personalized Prescription

Feng Shui is the action plan that puts those better decisions, behavioral suggestions, and environmental tips into practice. This enables you to tap into positive, optimum energy naturally and effectively, all guided by the yin and yang of you; it’s your program. There is no one-size-fits-all, Kennedy Feng Shui is about you, and delivered personally one-on-one.



testWhat you Get: How Kennedy Feng Shui Works

You and I feng shui your place as you acquire and refine life-changing knowledge and skills. We work together, one-on-one, for three months and from anywhere in the world. Online, by phone and with video conferencing and ongoing coaching. You’ll get two private BaZi Readings, a four-week DIY webinar instruction series, tutoring to answer questions and we feng shui your place together.



philippe-starck-riko-p.a.t.h.-prefab-house-designboom-07Transform your Home and Work Environments

Imagine naturally tapping into positive changes that you’ll see in improved relationships, both personal and professional. Leveraging space configured by a personal energy map to use it more effectively, with less stress, enhance relaxation and ease, and remarkably, putting into practices changes that result in greater prosperity and fulfillment.




What Kennedy Feng Shui Clients Say

Real quotes from real clients that experienced real results positively impacting their lives.


“I enrolled in Eileen’s course and I asked her to help me with my home office. I hated being in my old office space. Eileen taught me that it was located in the wrong place in my house. I moved it to another room, set it up using the principles Eileen teaches in her course, and now I love it. I’m more productive, feel more energetic, and I’m positive my business is about to explode—all for the cost of Eileen’s course and $100 of paint!”—Patti



Patti’s home office BEFORE working together virtually, one-on-one:












Patti hated being in her old office. Because she didn’t like it, it had become a dumping ground. It also functioned as a guest room with the fold out sofa, pictured in the image on the left. Sleeping where you work is never a good idea because the energy is conflicting and prohibits work and rest. Positioning her desk, tucked behind the closet, facing a wall, was like working in a cave. On a bigger picture, the location of her office in her home was also poor, mixing the energy of personal and professional.


After working with together, virtually, we moved her office to an auspicious room in the front of her house. We set up her office to enhance relaxation, ease, authority and prosperity. She used colors and directions to enhance her personal feng shui. Below are two images from her new home office. She loves her new office and feels a lot more productive and energetic!













200annielinEileen’s bazi consultation is a mesmerizing combination of her deep knowledge of the ancient Chinese science and her artistic interpretation. She sheds light on both personal and professional matters with wisdom and compassion. I came away with a better understanding of my gifts and how to cultivate them further. I only wish that I had consulted with her sooner. Highly recommended!—Annie




My BaZi reading with Eileen was so informative and helpful. She had such insight into my soul. It was amazing. When she described a good place for me to live, it was as if she was describing what I had always dreamed. I can’t wait to implement her suggestions and watch my life soar. I am so glad I made this connection. I’m looking forward to her guidance through this third phase of my life.”– Jodie



“Eileen, your course helped me become much more aware in my environment and in place of lost hope my husband and I now have a strong plan and I am much more confident about which choices to make in life.“—Maya




“Eileen’s background in design, art, & architecture enables her to bring a uniquely valuable perspective to the art of Feng Shui. The combination of her expertise, creativity and enthusiasm inspired me to make long-needed changes. I appreciated the skillful way in which she highlighted the strengths of my while making simple actionable suggestions for improvements in key areas based on my goals. Thank you!” J Thom


A Personal Feng Shui Consultant

Typically, programs like this, which include in depth one-on-one consultations cost $1,000 or more. Because I’m celebrating three years in feng shui coaching and we’re coming into a new year, I’m offering a special deal to work with me, one-on-one for of just $450 to the first twelve people who sign up. If you are local and I am to come to your home or workplace, an in person feng shui consult is $900. In this program, you and I feng shui your home or business together, for only $150/month for three months. You can count upon learning the skills and gaining the tools that will last a lifetime. Sleep better, work more productively, and live your life free of self-imposed limitations that are no longer working against you.


ek_baziEileen Kennedy – Artist, Designer and Teacher

Feng shui transformed my life. Although I’ve studied art, design and architecture all my life, it was Feng Shui, in concert with BaZi, that brought it all together. Ancient wisdom is one thing that never goes out of style. My mission is to make it more accessible in the modern world, so every one of us can live a more fulfilling life by tapping into the world around us.


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This is an end of the year special for $450 or half the usual price to celebrate three years of successes in feng shui coaching.


If you prefer to make payments, it’s just $175 a month for 3 months.

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Satisfaction Gaurantee


I am so sure that working with me will have a positive impact on your life and result in greater prosperity and fulfillment, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Within the first month, you get the two calls with me, the BaZi Reading, and the first modules of my DIY instructional webinar series. If you’re not fully satisfied in the first month, you get your money back.



KA200What a great program! Eileen is a patient and thorough teacher who answers all your questions about feng shui. She clears up the mysteries and debunks the common myths about what feng shui is and isn’t. Along the way you are coached with gentle humor, shown the ways to get results and you experience results from simple changes! — KA Boyd



taraCEileen, I wanted you to know that last night was the first night I actually had a good night sleep in over two months! I’m loving the room and it feels super cozy and healing, which is what I need now. The feng shui is working!”— Tara




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