Have you ever wanted a BaZi reading or just been curious?

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BaZi gives you insight into the deepest parts of you, helping you ditch limiting beliefs, break through blockages, stop bad habits and form healthy new ones by giving you visualizations, behavioral suggestions and environmental tips (feng shui). It shows you how to tap into optimum energy for you.


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About Eileen and BaZi:


Me and my daughter this Summer, in Hawaii.

What started as a curiosity, turned into a love affair, when I began to see the symmetry between a BaZi chart and the character of a person. After my first BaZi reading, I made some major life decisions including changing a long term relationship, choosing work over a masters degree and continuing to live in a rural community as opposed to a metropolitan area. Twenty years in art & design has been a jet pack for reading a BaZi chart– where understanding composition and visual expression is the core. Nature has always been close to my heart and my love of it brings me close to Wu Xing.


Life present many opportunities. Sometimes we know exactly what we want and other times it’s hard to know what to do. A BaZi Reading is an amazing mirror. There’s nothing to ‘believe in’– it’s a way of gaining insight and choosing what’s best for you.


How to form your questions for your BaZi inquiry:

You get the best BaZi Reading when you ask clear and specific questions. Instead of asking, “What is my life purpose?”, be specific and ask: “Is my life purpose, writing, teaching, finance or dramatic arts?” Then, tell me a little more– what’s the situation? Everything is interrelated– for example: “If I go in to finance, it means__________ if I write a book, it means_______.” When I can understand the situation wholly, I can give you a reading that’s most helpful– and specific.


When is your Reading?

After you register, I’ll send you an email with a link to my online scheduler so we can set a date. Your free BaZi Reading is a first come first serve opportunity. I’ve had an avalanche of registrants, so right now, I’m booking quite a ways out. If you want your reading right away, as in the next two weeks, purchase one to be immediately prioritized. Otherwise, scroll down this page to register for your free BaZi Reading.


Comments From Clients:

“Eileen’s bazi consultation is a mesmerizing combination of her deep knowledge of the ancient Chinese science and her artistic interpretation. She sheds light on both personal and professional matters with wisdom and compassion. I came away with a better understanding of my gifts and how to cultivate them further. I only wish that I had consulted with her sooner. Highly recommended!”—Annie Lin
lilys “Eileen did a BaZi reading for my daughter and I am so glad she did. Eileen was very professional and knowledgeable, the reading was very insightful and was really helpful for me as a parent. I feel like I finally have a wonderful tool to help me on my role as Claire’s mommy.”– Lily
Ad_site “Eileen is amazing and talented! Having a BaZi reading with her was so on target and so revealing on how my life is unfolding. Her insight is so genuine – Her reading was truly a gift!”–Anthony Diaz
wendy “Since my BaZi Reading, I’ve taken immediate steps, which have given me tremendous insight into my strengths and helped me get clarity on my life work. The process has been enriching and very worthwhile.”– Wendy
kim “Eileen–really grateful for your Bazi reading! I am excited to learn about my birth chi, and am now encouraged to build upon it. Thanks for answering my many questions; and for your passion and compassion in the subject and in my personal development!”—Kim Tsui
eileenp “Eileen’s BaZi consultation was illuminating, informative and earthy. Aside from getting useful information regarding a relationship question, Eileen’s reading informed using the elements, animals, and the optimum location for living. Based on Eileen’s presentation, I immediately began to bring more water and metal into my surroundings, and to spend more time with trees. All in all, an enlightening and inspiring experience!”—Eileen Pardini
jesse “I found my session deeply revealing of why I do what I do, what I can cultivate to do what I do better, and finally where I need to be to do what I do best. This knowledge along with the help of various visualizations has proven immensely invaluable. And though I have heard much of this from those closest to me, sometimes you need to hear it from an outsider or an Ancient Chinese form of fortune telling for it to really sink in.”—Jesse


Does this offer expire? Is there any rush to register?

Yes. If you’re genuinely interested in this– register right away to secure your spot in line. Truth be told, I spend almost three hours working on your chart. Two backstage, then thirty minutes during your reading, and time following up, sending you the recording, etc…If you truly want a BaZi Reading, can commit to the thirty minute reading, and don’t need your reading right away–  Register above! This is an amazing opportunity, not to be missed!


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