Join me in The Yin & Yang of Making Money, to learn how feng shui tips the scales toward abundance, helping you quickly manifest your deepest desires.


The Yin & Yang of Making Money, is a one hour online presentation and slide show, where you’ll learn how feng shui affects your financial health. Imagine how good it will feel, when you can work with less effort and experience breakthrough results just by being in the right place at the right time.


By attending the event, you’ll come away with a renewed vision, insights, and keys to creating abundance with feng shui. You’ll also receive bonus material after the event, to personalize feng shui for your life. And I’ll be raffling off a couple of valuable coaching sessions for free.


Shifting from limitation to abundance is easy when you tap into feng shui!


People Are Saying…


“So get this – after hearing just 30 minutes of your webinar, I made a positive change in our house and saw the rewards the next day!! I took and implemented your recommendation…The next day Hayden, (my husband), came home from college and said he was paid (paid $100!!) for an organizational role he took in one of his classes by a client. (No one gets paid while they’re in college unless it’s for a job – this was for his role in a class!!) We were thrilled to get this extra windfall. I know you appreciate how hard it is to go from double to single income. Since Hayden went back to college we’ve been struggling to make ends meet on a weekly basis. This tiny feng shui change really affected us – can’t wait to keep that momentum going! All thanks go to you!!! I really can’t thank you enough.– Amanda G.


“Eileen: I have ‘reoriented’ my office in alignment with all I learned from your awesome webinar! I NEVER would have thought to arrange my office this way and I love it! I feel much more engaged and I’m SO grateful! — Kathleen O.


Welcome! Join me in my webinar below, or grab a spot for a free BaZi Reading!