Welcome to Kennedy Feng Shui

Kennedy Feng Shui is an East meets West empathic design studio that utilizes ancient eastern methods, such as Chinese Astrology alongside newer design philosophies, including human centered, restorative and green design, dovetailing them together to enhance your life. My clients have experienced improved health, increased feelings of well being, enhanced relationships and in commercial applications, results in more sales.


Kennedy Feng Shui: Life design and place design driven by nature. Helping you connect with the world all around.


BaZi - Feng Shui

Why Chinese Metaphysics?

Kennedy Feng Shui is born and bred in California, amongst a confluence of cultures. Chinese Metaphysics provides a lens of systems that addresses who you are, where you live and what you want personally and specifically, in full concert.


“The outer world is necessary for the inner world; they are not two worlds but a single world with two aspects: The outer and the inner. If we don’t have certain outer experiences, we don’t have certain inner experiences, or at least, we don’t have them in a profound way…”— Thomas Berry


About Feng Shui:

Since the beginning of time, people have known that there are good lands and bad lands, that you have to be careful where you settle. Feng shui is the oldest, still developing design system on the planet and millions of people benefit from it every day. It’s aim is to address unseen energy and utilize it for your benefit. Like many design philosophies, feng shui has the natural world at it’s center.


My Process:  
My strategy is simple and direct. Through an initial conversation, specific inquiries or objectives are expressed. Using Classical and Modern methods, your BaZi chart is read and brought into the assessment, then feng shui and design recommendations are made. Feng shui based upon geography, neighborhood assessment, design alteration (remodeling) and interior design as it relates to you are facets addressed in a Kennedy Feng Shui assessment or project.


“Eileen, I really appreciate what I learned, you helped me unblock Qi in my life.”—Maya